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The SMP Spinner Head Mixer makes short work of blending soft serve and hard ice cream into smooth and creamy milkshakes, malts, smoothies, and other frozen drinks.



Key             PART NO.            DESCRIPTION

1                  222-0001             Upper Motor Housing

2                  222-0002            Lower Motor Housing

3A               222-0020-115V 115V     Spindle & Armature Assembly (Includes Bearing & Bearing Retainer)

3B              222-0020-230V 230V   Spindle & Armature Assembly (Includes Bearing & Bearing Retainer)

4A               022-0021-115V 115V     Field Coil

4B              022-0021-230V 230V     Field Coil

5                  022-0008           Toggle Switch

6                 022-0022             Brush Holder (2 required)

7                  022-0023            Brush, Shunt and Spring (2 required)

8                  022-0024            Brush Retainer Cap 92 required)

9                  022-0013            Hole Plug

10                022-0005           Fan Baffle

11                 022-0015            Motor Assembly Screw (2 required)

12                022-0007            Bearing Loading Spring

13                022-0014             Field Coil retaining Screw (2 required)


                                                 PARTS NOT ILLUSTRATED

                    122-0009            Short Brush Wire with Push-in Terminal

                    122-0010             Long Brush Wire with Push-in Terminal

                    022-0025            Bearing Retainer and Fan Baffle Screws (6 required)

                    022-0011             Upper Ball Bearing

                    022-0012            Lower Ball Bearing

                   022-0017             Mounting Bracket Screw

                    122-0003            Mounting Bracket

                    122-0027             Spindle Collar

                    122-0163             Bottom Agitator Screw

                    15-165                 Upper Agitator Press-on


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